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The Engaged Career
Building Skills for a Lifetime

  • Do you have a career plan that drives clearly from your values and goals?
  • Can you see a progression to your work, where things are building towards that position you want in 5 years?
  • Have you ever felt like you just can’t connect with an interviewer, get them to see you and understand who you are, what you’re about?
  • Do the think-on-your feet interview questions typical of today’s workplace leave you uneasy?

If you are concerned about these questions – or any others about your career – this workshop is for you!

(The Hawaii Workshop has been cancelled – to find out about future dates, and posssible repote sessions, please sign up for the mailing list.)

What do we cover in this interactive and exciting workshop?

  • Identify & actively drive your career from your values!
    • What’s important to you about your career?  Salary? Security? Self-direction?
    • We will spend time actively investigating this and setting you up to pursue the right things for yourself!
  • Create a career plan that gives you the most freedom to drive at your personal goals!
    • Are you defining your career in terms of job descriptions, or things that excite and engage you?
    • We do exercises that challenge your preconceptions about your work and enable you to create a future with broader possibilities!
  • Learn how to identify and fill gaps, and showcase your strengths!
    • Whether you work independently or with a company, you’ll want to identify and resolve experience and skill gaps, and also create showcase experiences for the things that represent your personal brand!
  • Create rapport, excitement and interest during interviews by using your Career Story and by responding in STAR answers!
    • Interviewing can be challenging!  We teach you how to show the remarkable journey you’re on by telling your Career Story, and drive home your qualifications by using STAR answers for understanding and excitement!

Because your career plan should be revisited from time to time every participant will leave the workshop with all the tools necessary to build on the learning from this valuable session!

What people have said about this class:

  • “The most fun I’ve had learning since grade school!”
  • “Ryland’s experience and educational style make this engaging, and the skills I learned were spot-on!”
  • “As a recruiter, I wish more job-seekers walked in the door knowing this material.  It makes them easier to help!”
  • “As a late-career job changer, this helped me get focused and start looking for my next position.”