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Half-Day Workshops

Understanding Agile For Everyone!

Targeted at people outside the Agile process, such as your financial, PMO, and business partners, this session presents a gamified experience that teaches agile without once saying that’s what we’re doing. At the end, participants understand why a change-driven approach works, and why Agile answers are given in terms of ranges. As a result, participants are able to work more effectively with Agile teams around them, leading to reduced risk, shorter timelines and lower costs for everyone involved.

Values Driven Career Planning: The Workshop

An expanded version of the 40-minute intro session, this workshop adds time for depth exercises to explore values, goals and interests. We take time to align participants’ goals with their values, consider industry directions, and develop SMART action plans to achieve those goals. This session is particularly valuable right before annual goal-setting portions of the employee management cycle.

Improvisation Comedy Skills for Teambuilding & Teamwork

The core of any high-performing team is trust, communication, and collaboration. These same skills are the foundations of improv comedy. Your team members will be up and interacting for almost the entire workshop, playing different structured improv games that will connect back to workplace skills and real-life situations. This session is particularly good as a special event on those cases when distributed teams come together for an in-person meeting!

All sessions can be customized as needed for your organization.


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